Cutting or topping a pasture is an essential part of managing your grassland, particularly if horses are the only species grazing. Regular topping helps to maintain a good quality grass sward which has many benefits for both your land and your animals.

The Green Field Company uses a flail mower instead of a standard paddock topper. The flails mulch the grass rather than simply cutting it, and an integrated shredder bar reduces the grass cuttings even further.

  • Helps maintain a good quality grass sward which is key to preventing weeds establishing.
  • By reducing the cut grass to small pieces it enables it to breakdown more quickly, feeding the soil and allowing grazing animals back on sooner than conventional topping.
  • Is great a preventing weeds such as docks, thistles and ragwort going to seed and proliferating.
  • Avoids old, stalky grass becoming rank and unpalatable.
  • By keeping the grass under a certain height it will actually be more productive, as well as suiting selective grazers like horses.
  • A roller at the back of the mower crushes the grass crowns and encourages the plant to tiller - as well as leaving a smart, tidy finish.