Fertilising and Liming

Grazing by livestock, leaching from rain and hay/haylage making all remove nutrients from the soil and make soil more acidic. Without replacing these nutrients grass growth can be limited so allowing weeds to take hold, and the quantity and quality of the grass as a feed is reduced.

Requirements vary from field to field, intended use and stocking densities but whether it is a slow release, low nitrogen fertiliser for equine grazing or fertiliser for a field of hay, The Green Field Company can supply and apply the correct level of nutrients for your individual needs.

The pH of the soil is a crucial factor for healthy grass and should be kept between 6.25 and 6.75. Generally fields only require an application of lime every three to four years to reduce the acidity of the soil and maintain a suitable pH for your grass. A soil test is essential when determining the pH and accurately calculating how much lime should be applied.

  • Feeds the grass and encourages plant growth and root structure development
  • Minimises weed growth by maintaining a dense, healthy sward
  • Slow release, low nitrogen fertiliser can be used for equine grazing to avoid lush grass growth while still replacing essential nutrients and minerals