Muck Heap Removal

Poorly located or improperly managed muck heaps can cause soil, air and water pollution, look unsightly and be a nuisance for neighbouring properties. The Green Field Company can help horse keepers and equestrian businesses avoid these problems with our muck heap removal service.

When siting a new muck heap, there are a couple of steps that you can take which can help to manage your muck heap and the subsequent removal of it. These are:

  • Location - your muck heap should not be built near to a water course e.g. ditch, spring, pond etc, or along a hedgerow. Effluent from the muck heap can pollute water courses so a level site with a concrete, or hard standing base, is ideal. On sloping sites, care must be taken to prevent any run-off entering the water course. Hedges and other plants too close to the muck heap may suffer from over-enrichment of the soil and die as a result.
  • Access - the muck heap needs to be convenient for you but also will have to allow for vehicle access for a tractor and trailer to be able to load and take it away.
  • Design - a solid base, such as concrete or hard standing, allowing tractor access and giving ease of use throughout the year, is desirable and enables us to remove your muck heap even when ground conditions are too wet. If possible, build a retaining wall either at the back, or back and sides of the muck heap. This helps contain the muck heap and avoid the often seen 'muck heap sprawl'. It also enables a quicker and tidier job to be made in loading and taking your heap away.

We're also able to design and build muck heap clamps to help improve the practicalities of your muck heap, whilst also improving the appearance around the yard and helping keep things tidy.

“I am pleased to recommend The Green Field Company. The maintenance work he carried out on our fields was completed with care to a high standard. Tristan is professional, knowledgeable and reliable. I will use their services again in the future.”
Debbie Shiret
“We are so impressed with the results of your hard work on our fields, it is great to have found somebody who shows such pride in their work and the thorough way in which you carried out the harrowing, rolling and spraying I only wish you were in charge of the rain!!

Thank you also for being patient with all the questions we asked but it is wonderful to talk to somebody with your experience and knowledge who is happy to offer such good advice. See you in the Autumn for the hedging.”

Colin & Nicky Hannan
“I contacted The Green Field Company about my small paddock which had been neglected for a couple of years and Tristan came and viewed the disaster and a few days later returned with the necessary machinery, performing the task quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of mess or damage to the ground. A job well done at a very reasonable cost.”
Mr Meredith
“The flexibility of the equipment used meant that my difficult field was easily accessed. Despite a history of neglect, Tristan had my field looking presentable in a short space of time - and for a very reasonable rate.”
J Church