Soil analysis

Soil that is lacking in nutrients and impoverished will not only produce little grass of a poor quality, but will also allow weeds to compete with the grass. It may also risk inducing nutritional problems for the grazing animal. Analysis of the soil is essential to accurately identify how healthy the soil is and what nutrients it may be lacking.

A soil sample is taken from different areas of the field in order to get an analysis of the whole field and the samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. We can then provide you with the results of the analysis, the recommendations on the type and quantities of nutrients which should be applied to the fields, and when.

The soil analysis also measures pH - arguably the most important result for a quality grass sward. Over time grazing animals and hay making change the pH of the soil causing it to become more acidic. The ideal pH for grass is 6-6.5 - soil with a lower pH will cause poor grass growth and often strong growth of weeds such as moss, nettles and buttercup.

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