Good pasture management, with a dense grass sward will help to prevent the establishment of weeds, which often thrive in overgrazed or poached pastures.

Where weeds have managed to establish themselves the quality and quantity of grazing available is reduced, and some weeds such as buttercup and ragwort are poisonous.

Spraying is a safe, effective method of controlling all types of weeds in grassland. It gives better results than pulling weeds like ragwort, where roots can break and fragments can be left behind in the soil and re-grow more plants later.

The Green Field Company can tailor an individual weed control programme to your weed problem - be it nettle, thistle, buttercup, dock or ragwort.

  • Use of selective herbicides to target specific weed problems.
  • Provides better long term reduction of weeds.
  • Use of modern, well maintained machinery means we accurately apply the right amount of herbicide to the right places.
  • Fully trained, licensed and insured operators.